What types of homes do you work with?

My clients come from a variety of spaces, from a tiny studio that might be a young professional’s first home, to a large multi-story, multi-functional home that establishes the owner’s position in the community. I work with all kinds of rooms, from formal dining rooms to master bedrooms to outdoor kitchens and everything in between. Often clients are repurposing their homes as their lives change: a child is born, they want to downsize as empty-nesters, they need a home office for a new business … anything can call for a change in design.

Clients also hire me for special projects, such as organizing and displaying a cherished collection of art objects, to showcase their uniqueness within available space.

We’ve never worked with a designer before! What do we need to know?

You will enjoy the greatest benefit from my services when you share exactly what you want and need. For instance, you might not know exactly how you want a room to look when it’s finished. But you can share a sense of how you will use the room and how the new design will support your lifestyle.

Most of my clients are surprised by how quickly they define their dream homes during our initial consultation. I have developed a system to help you choose exactly what you need, within your space, time frame and budget.

Finally, you should be comfortable knowing that my philosophy is, “No surprises!” We’ll plan together for your home and you will get detailed descriptions and opportunities for revision.

When should I contact Cecilia Pacheco Interior Design?

Call as soon as you begin to consider a design project. Whether you are starting new construction or remodeling with an architect and/ or contractor, changes will be easier at this stage. You’ll be more likely to get exactly what you want, faster and more easily, when I am involved from the beginning.

To make sure your project will be completed on time, it is best to call at least six months in advance of any project. For smaller projects, at least 90 days notice is recommended.

What is the process for implementing a project?

We will begin with a Design Consultation. We will discuss your ideas, needs, desires and budget.

After the consultation, you will receive a detailed proposal with the scope of work for your approval, including the total fee for your design services.

Once the proposal has been approved, we sign an agreement letter, with details of the project scope, fees and time line. If the project expands we will modify the agreement letter before we begin the additional work so you will not experience unexpected charges.

We then develop a conceptual design for the project, including colors, arrangement of furniture, art and lighting in the space. Every detail is considered, and you will receive all necessary drawings and elevations, if they are necessary.

After we agree on the concept, implementation begins. We develop a time- table for ordering and purchasing. I personally supervise delivery and installation of everything from rugs to furniture to art work and fixtures.

After the project has been completed, we go through the work with you to develop a “punch list” and we make sure everything is taken care of.

Will we work with you directly?

I am personally involved in every design project. I will deal directly with vendors and suppliers. I have an assistant to handle specific portions of a project, but you will deal with me. I will be on site observing any assistants at all times.

How do I know I’ll get exactly what I want with no surprises?

My process includes your approval at each stage before we move to the next. You’ll see colors swatches, furniture photos and detailed images and descriptions of everything we use.

How do I get started?

Begin by calling +1 713.581.4309. I will return your call within 2 business days. When I am out of town, messages are forwarded and someone will notify you.