Fall In Love With Your Home

Cecilia Pacheco, a qualified interior designer in the Houston, TX area, understands your home is an environment you should feel at ease in, express your style through, cherish with your family and share with your dearest friends. She understands it is your sanctuary, and your space for personal luxury.

Working with a professional and qualified interior designer makes every step of the process easier. From quality materials and furniture, to hand-painted ceilings and specialties, an experienced interior designer has the extensive knowledge to ensure success for your project – whatever your motivation.

Tel: +1 713.581.4309
Email: cecilia@ceciliapacheco.com

“I work with people who want to create a home environment that supports, enhances and enriches their lives. They know that creating a dream home opens up all sorts of exciting possibilities and transforms everything they do. Most of my clients have high standards of quality and service. They want to work with someone who is a true professional. They want to get an environment they’ll be excited and proud to call home.”

– Cecilia Pacheco